I was born in the city on the Black Sea, Odessa, in present-day Ukraine and was brought to St. Petersburg, Russia as a baby.  I started playing the violin at the age of 4 at my own request!  Soon after, my family immigrated to the United States, where we settled in New Jersey.  After finishing my education in the US, I received a Fulbright Grant (US government scholarship) to finish my studies in Finland.  I lived and worked in Finland for 10 years before coming to Jerusalem in 2007.
My violin has taken me to many places in the world– I have performed in the US, Finland, Russia, Estonia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Brazil, Argentina, and, of course, Israel. I have played chamber music, in an orchestra, and as a soloist in recitals and with orchestras.  I have appeared on French and Israeli radio, and have participated in projects as diverse as recording a jazz CD and movie soundtracks.